Welcome. Komo mai! Forty year music industry veteran, award-winning engineer-producer Ron Pendragon lives on Kauai, and enjoys the warm sun and cool breezes, and working with the outstanding musical talent of, and traveling through, the islands. Mahalo nui & be well!

Some notes:
...there's an album on the way from Chelsey Forrest & Kirk Smart. Kirk producing...

...co-producing, recoring, mixing, mastering...

6.20.2010 - Kepa Kruse - Coconut Wireless album released.

Dis Bugga sounds meeean in my pickup truck! Check Kepa on iTunes or www.Kepakruse.com. Kepa has been getting movie acting work, but he misses the beach when he has to live in LA. ...mastered & had fun...

6.15.2010 - Donavon Frankenreiter - Revisited album released.

Animated video - "Heading Home" Amazing guitarist Kirk Smart joins with Donavon for the Hawaiian-style version. Kirk's playing slack key guitar, 'ukulele, lap steel and Weisenburn steel, and Donavon sings... sweeeet! The video is cute, too.

...recorded, mixed & mastered this one. Bass, percussion & additional recording by Matt Grundy.

6.9.2010 - Pancho Graham - Pine Tree Slack Key album released.

Pancho's first solo album with a focus on Hawaiian slack key guitar. His stylings make us smile. Check him out at www.panchograham.com

...recording, mixing, mastering...

6.1.2010 - Shoshana B - To Elevate album released.

Shoshana sings with touches of regge & rock, but it feels like gospel, too. Mateus Kotoc producing & recording original tracks, assisted by local "Yesmen" Wil Lydgate and Elijah on bass & drums, and lots of others

...final recording, mixing, mastering...

5.15.2010 - Michael Ruff - Acoustic Trios album released.

World-class musical feel-master, Michael plays piano in jazz trio situations, with Anthony Rodatte, Trey Thompson, Darryl Myasato, Magdi Latif, Olivia Ruff, Sara Thompson & Bob Francescini.

...recording, mixing, mastering...

For more info on Acoustic Trios visit Michael's Fat Tuesday Records Page and www.michaelruff.com.

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